"In order for something to change, something has to change."

Thank you for visiting my site and inquiring about Health and Wellness Coaching. For over 20 years I have been committed to natural health and personal development. My focus, whether teaching individuals or working with groups, is helping people regain health and discover and fulfill their innate purpose in life. I integrate the rich tools of lifestyle medicine, including breath training, mindfulness, yoga therapy, and a nutrient-dense diet into health care and research-based programs. Here are some of the ways I apply health and wellness coaching to varied populations and needs:

Stress Management for Heart Disease

As a trained Stress Management Specialist with the Dr. Dean Ornish Lifestyle Heart Reversal Program, I teach groups of medical patients about the impact of stress on heart health and how to use proven methods to break the damaging cycle of stress.

Yoga & Mental Health Research

I am honored to contribute to evidence-based research testing the efficacy of yoga as therapy for mental health. I serve as an expert consultant for two NCCHI funded research studies: lead yoga investigator for Treatments for Improving Mood Disorders in Teens and a consultant for Yoga for Chronic Pain in MAT Patients. Both studies are with Brown University and Butler Hospital, RI.  The outcomes of these trials could have valuable and far-reaching promise for the future of mental health.

Health Coaching & Yoga Therapy

Working with adults and adolescents I provide Stress Management, Yoga Therapy, and Lifestyle Training using evidence-based models that honor the integrity and strength of individuals and their readiness for change.  While mentoring private clients my focus is to guide with clarity and care that inspires self awareness and meaningful change along the health spectrum.

Lifestyle Program Development

From 2006-2015 I founded & directed Focus Yoga (East Greenwich, RI) where

I developed and led a wealth of lifestyle trainings including: The Science & Practice of Breath; Stress Management: a Natural Approach; and, Eat Life! Plant-Based Nutrition Made Easy. I provide professional training programs for corporate groups, healthcare workers and yoga teachers. 

My education and professional trainings include:

• MA, Art Therapy, Cal State LA

• MA, Religious Studies, Providence College

• Dean Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Facilitator

• International Association of Yoga Therapist,  Certified Yoga Therapist

• Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist (APA Approved)

• Unified Mindfulness Facilitator

• Natural Healers Counseling Program, with Tom Monte

• Certified Macrobiotics Counselor

• Overcome Anxiety Clinic Facilitator

• Hanna Somatic Yoga Instructor


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.


- Lao Tzu 

Like so many individuals you might feel  confused about how to help yourself feel better, get better and live better. Maybe you have settled for feeling "just ok." Remember, health is your natural state of being (not dis-ease).

Wellness Coaching comes in where your doctor left off. Your doctor might have told you to eat better, exercise and reduce stress but offered little to no guidance on how to get started. Most physicians simply don't have the time to help their patients with disease management or prevention.


Wellness Coaching is a very personalized educational and hands-on process that starts with you. Your specific condition, your needs, and your health goals are carefully factored into a lifestyle plan or, you could say, a Personalized Lifestyle Prescription! In contrast to a one-size fits all program or diet, you will be informed, guided and fully supported in making meaningful change in your health & life.

As your Integrative Wellness Coach I will work with you to evaluate

5 key factors that taken all together consistently impact your well being. These key factors are: nutritional needs, movement habits, the role of stress & sleep, and personal connections & purpose. Thoughtful understanding and adjustments in these key areas are the means to achieving and maintaining good health throughout your life. You will be empowered to become your own primary care provider.


Did you know about half of all adults—117 million people––have one or more chronic health conditions, (CDC, 2014)?  Alongside that staggering disease statistic is abundant and growing evidence-based research that points to key lifestyle factors as promoting health, preventing and possibly reversing disease.

The interplay of key lifestyle factors are proven to support significant change in health including; weight loss, better sleep, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduced inflammation, clearer thinking, more energy, less pain, feeling connected to others, living with more joy, and longevity. In short, the enhancement of life well lived. 


Whether you are experiencing chronic health issues, anxiety or feeling "stuck" in your life, together we will consider your concerns and identify new possibilities along the wellness spectrum. Integrative Wellness Coaching is a  comprehensive assessment of your nutritional needs, movement & sleep habits, your breath pattern, and stress management strategies. Together we will,

• Create a personal plan tailored to your unique needs.

• Help you make safe, long lasting changes.
• Identify red flags that are interfering with wellness



Stress can make us sick and feels awful. In Stress Management you will learn a key life skill, how

to regulate the nervous system and establish

a new set point in yourself "relaxed alertness”

a balanced neurological state that is

experienced as being both calm and awake at

the same time. Such a change or shift in the nervous system leads to clearer thinking, better sleep, resiliency, more energy, less reactivity

and more joy!


Mindfulness is being used everywhere these days to reduce stress, battle addiction, ease pain & suffering and support psychotherapy. You will be trained in Unified Mindfulness, a simple, yet highly effective meditation system built for the modern world. It brings together key elements of Eastern contemplative traditions and the technological, scientifically-based methodology of the West. 


The quality of what you eat greatly determines the quality of energy you have available to live your life. Your consultation will be based on the principles of a whole food, nutritionally dense diet and the research supporting it. You will be coached on how to integrate diet changes that  take into account your health & goals, work/home lifestyle and level of interest in food preparation.



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